Choosing the Best Path

Back in my much younger days, which was predominantly lived during the 90s, video games were expanding their reach and influence. That decade was full of corporate competition between two developing heavyweights, Sega and Nintendo. It would be known as the Great Console War, and out of it came the fruits of competitive engineering. By…Read more Choosing the Best Path

Going Deeper

For those of you who know me, you know that I enjoy a good retro gaming experience. I love breaking out some of the old systems, or at least the ones I still have, and playing through some pixelated magic. If the truth were to be told, however, I would say that those experiences only…Read more Going Deeper

Sorry, but Your Hopes and Dreams Are in another Castle

It’s Mar10, so here is a great entry that fits the time!

Up Up Down Down Devotionals

I am in my early 30’s, so I remember the days in which arcades were actually fun places visit. In the small town where I spent most of my summers, there was a local pool where kids would go to escape the nasty thick humidity of the Kansas “sloppy wet heat”. Sure, I enjoyed swimming, but the real reason that I went to the pool was to play the two arcade machines that were posted right outside of the locker rooms. I remember vividly that the one on the left was Dig-Dug, a frustrating arcade game that required you to dig into the earth and pump up monsters with your magic vacuum and watch them explode. The only thing I was good at in that game was dying. The one on the right was the real deal, the big enchilada, the creme of the crop; it was none other…

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Being Tethered to the Console

All retro gamers will agree that there are limitations to what older systems will allow the player to do. Graphics and software aside, it's the hardware, particularly the controllers that create the biggest barriers to a truly pleasurable gaming experience. I think about the Super Nintendo, for example. The system is considered to be just…Read more Being Tethered to the Console

Through the Reign of Terror

As a writer, I am always surprised to see how similar the stories are that people compose. From the plots of books to television shows and even video games, storylines have the tendency to show similarities between each other. I do not think that this is done on purpose, but rather comes about through subconsciously…Read more Through the Reign of Terror