It’s Mar10, so here is a great entry that fits the time!

Up Up Down Down Devotionals

I am in my early 30’s, so I remember the days in which arcades were actually fun places visit. In the small town where I spent most of my summers, there was a local pool where kids would go to escape the nasty thick humidity of the Kansas “sloppy wet heat”. Sure, I enjoyed swimming, but the real reason that I went to the pool was to play the two arcade machines that were posted right outside of the locker rooms. I remember vividly that the one on the left was Dig-Dug, a frustrating arcade game that required you to dig into the earth and pump up monsters with your magic vacuum and watch them explode. The only thing I was good at in that game was dying. The one on the right was the real deal, the big enchilada, the creme of the crop; it was none other…

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