Being a True Action Hero

If there is ever a Gamers Dictionary released in the future, which I would love to help with writing, I can imagine that the word "tenacity" would be one that would fit right within the those pages like a grammatical glove. After all, if you have ever played through any of the current generation of…Read more Being a True Action Hero

5 Life Lessons from Pokemon

Well, as I come to my final post in my "5 Life Lessons Series," I felt as if it was a no-brainer to feature this game series as the focus of this post. There are not too many game franchises out there that can boast that they appeal to multiple generations of gamers all the…Read more 5 Life Lessons from Pokemon

5 Life Lessons from Castlevania

If you are a gamer I believe that you have in innate desire to vanquish evil, in some form or fashion. There are times when grabbing ahold of your game controller feels quite a bit like grabbing ahold of the famed Excalibur, ready to strike down any evil fiend that is foolish enough to cross…Read more 5 Life Lessons from Castlevania

5 Life Lessons from Final Fantasy

I was four years old the first time that I picked up a video game controller, and since that time I have played thousands of titles that have spanned across many different platforms and hardware, but there is one franchise that has captured my imagination like none other. I am very excited about this newest…Read more 5 Life Lessons from Final Fantasy

5 Life Lessons from the Legend of Zelda

I have been playing video games for as long as I can remember. I can recollect a time when I was no bigger than a goomba, that my family and I would go to such stores like Circuit City and Toys R Us, and I would be able to play samples of games that were…Read more 5 Life Lessons from the Legend of Zelda

5 Life Lessons I Learned from Mega Man

Being someone who has grown up on video games, it has become apparent in my life that I have taken certain truths from these games and have applied them first hand. As I grew older, I came to start reading the Bible, and found that the contents of this Holy Book provided me with life…Read more 5 Life Lessons I Learned from Mega Man

If You Can’t Stand the Heat…Change Your Gear

Since the dawn of creation, the power of fire has been not only a consuming force, but also one that mankind has sought to control. Prehistoric man (or antediluvian, as I like to call them), probably discovered the power of fire, and over the course of many millennia this power has been harnessed to do…Read more If You Can’t Stand the Heat…Change Your Gear

Being Taught by the Teacher

I have come to the conclusion that all video game designers are teachers who have tried to hide this fact by placing themselves in the tech industry. These individuals are incredibly creative people who are known to push the limits of reality in their medium, which is of course the virtual world. They create vast…Read more Being Taught by the Teacher

The Art of Stacking

Some video games come and go; they disappear from the scene just as quickly as they appeared onto it. Very few people will remember games like Ranger X and Kung Foo Duck because they were cookie cutter platformers that did not have anything new to offer gamers who have been playing games like those for…Read more The Art of Stacking