Get Infinite Life

If you found this website, then chances are that enjoy playing video games. Hey, there is no shame in it, I have been a gamer for years, and will continue to be so for years to come. I have always found solace and peace in playing games, but throughout my life I was always confronted with this nagging question, “Is this all there is?” Is there truly joy and happiness beyond entertainment and “feeling good?” These questions haunted me, and it was not until I was told the truth that I finally realized what was wrong; I was living without hope.

You see, all of us have a hole within our lives, one that can not be filled by anything in this world. Many of us try and fill this void with games, entertainment, and even drugs and alcohol, but the void never seems to be filled. That is because this hole can only be filled by God.

I call this site “Up, Up, Down, Down Devos” because everlasting life is the goal; everlasting life for you, the readers. Just like the code grants the player the ability to live on past death, a relationship with God through Jesus Christ enables actual people to have “infinite life” beyond death. Here is how it works:

Everyone is guilty of sin. Sin is going against the rules that God has set down. God is so perfect that He can not be around sin, so whenever someone does sin, they are separated from God. Unfortunately, all of us have sinned. If you have ever lied, stole, or gossiped against your friend (to name a few ways), then you have sinned, and cannot enter into Heaven and get eternal life.

That’s the bad news. On the flip side though, there is good news, and this is called the Gospel. You see, despite people having sinned against God, He decided to fix this problem by preparing a sacrifice for us. This sacrifice was His son, Jesus. Because we broke the rules, we were destined to spend eternity apart from God, but when God sent Jesus down to die for us, he allowed for the most perfect sacrifice to cover over our sins. The neat thing is that Jesus did not stay dead, he rose again, and it is through that resurrection that we too can live after death. That is why Jesus is so important to us, he is our way to God.

So what does this mean to you? Well, if you do not have a relationship with Jesus, then you are not able to have that hole filled. You will continue to roam around in this life trying to find something to fill that hole, but you will fail every time. You will only live your one life, and then that will be it, and you will end up going to a place of eternal death known as Hell. That place is eternal separation from God, and since He is the “Light of Life,” that place will be truly dark and terrible.

So, how do you get infinite life? It is not through a special code or incantation, but rather through belief and faith. You must first believe that you are a sinner and need a Savior, and that savior must be Jesus. You must also confess these others, and not keep t to yourself; this is a hallmark of belief. If you are living with sin in your life, then you need to turn away from it, because you can not worship God and also sin without remorse. Getting involved with a church is important as well because you will need support in order to live for Christ. Finally, you should be baptized, because that is something that all believers are commanded to do.

This may seem overwhelming, but by taking these first steps, you will be on the road to filling that hole. Reading the Bible, God’s instructions for mankind will aid you in the journey that you take in this life. Much like a long-drawn-out story, our Christian lives will be difficult, but that void, that hole that video games could never fill, will be burning without the love of God.