Coming Back to the Kingdom

Japanese RPGs really know how to make a player home sick. I feel like every single one of them starts off the same way; there is a hometown boy who wakes up in the morning and goes on a quest that will separate him from his family. It happened in Chrono Trigger, Secret of Mana,…Read more Coming Back to the Kingdom

All That Glitters is Gil and Garbage

It is said that money makes the world go round. Money, cash, cheddar, “the big green,” whatever you want to call it, is certainly important in this world, but I would hardly call it the most important thing on this spinning marble. I will admit, however, that the absence of money appears to have more…Read more All That Glitters is Gil and Garbage

5 Life Lessons from Final Fantasy

I was four years old the first time that I picked up a video game controller, and since that time I have played thousands of titles that have spanned across many different platforms and hardware, but there is one franchise that has captured my imagination like none other. I am very excited about this newest…Read more 5 Life Lessons from Final Fantasy