When the Best Becomes Old-Hat

Though I am only 36 years old, there are a few items that I have placed on my bucket list, assuming that I live long enough to accomplish all of them. I would love to go and visit the hospital in which I was born, which just happen to be outside of Tokyo, Japan. I…Read more When the Best Becomes Old-Hat

The Power of Dreams

Growing up in the 80s and the 90s, I had the privilege of living through the era of the Game Boy. This hand-held, monochromatic, functional paperweight gave millions of people around the world an early taste of what gaming would become; an experience that can be taken on the road. I can still hear that…Read more The Power of Dreams

5 Life Lessons from the Legend of Zelda

I have been playing video games for as long as I can remember. I can recollect a time when I was no bigger than a goomba, that my family and I would go to such stores like Circuit City and Toys R Us, and I would be able to play samples of games that were…Read more 5 Life Lessons from the Legend of Zelda

If You Can’t Stand the Heat…Change Your Gear

Since the dawn of creation, the power of fire has been not only a consuming force, but also one that mankind has sought to control. Prehistoric man (or antediluvian, as I like to call them), probably discovered the power of fire, and over the course of many millennia this power has been harnessed to do…Read more If You Can’t Stand the Heat…Change Your Gear